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ChromeCast Support for Twit.Tv

Since the release of the chrome cast i’ve been receiving many requests about support for chromecast in the android app.  Be assured that it will be updated to support the chrome cast. I am working with the preview sdk that google has provided however it is a preview and google doesn’t currently allow apps […]

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Issue with recent Logitech Revue Update

Recently an update was pushed out to Logitech Revue units bringing it up to android version 3.2. Unfortunately this update broke the operating system’s live streaming capability which is used for the application. I have also seen this and had reports from users on tablets running v3.2 as well. As a result this is causing […]

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What’s next for

Since publishing the application I’ve received a lot of positive feedback and a couple items for the wish list of features. A few people have also asked why the application is limited to the tablet. To the question of why it is not available on the phone — the application uses the http live streaming […]

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