ChromeCast Support for Twit.Tv

Since the release of the chrome cast i’ve been receiving many requests about support for chromecast in the android app.  Be assured that it will be updated to support the chrome cast. I am working with the preview sdk that google has provided however it is a preview and google doesn’t currently allow apps to be published using this preview.  Once the final api has been released the app will be updated to support the chromecast.

Live Streaming
The current state of the api does not support live streaming using http live streaming (hls – apple protocol) which twit uses for most of it’s live stream feeds.  It does say in the documentation that it does support Microsoft’s smooth streaming protocol which twit does support however I haven’t been able to get that to work so far.  With this in mind Unless there are changes to the api to support hls there won’t be support for casting of the twit live stream just the on-demand recorded shows.

Google cast supported Media types

Update – 2/10/2014

Google recently announced the release of the sdk however that isn’t completely accurate. They released the main part of the sdk however it depends on the google services sdk which will not be released until all phones have received the updated version of the google play services app. It isn’t clear currently where they are in deploying that update. Until then everyone who wasn’t granted early access has to wait for this component to start deploying their apps. Even the apps of those who were granted early access are dependent on that release so the chromecast functionality in those apps won’t work until you have received the google play services update on your devices.

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