Issue with recent Logitech Revue Update

Recently an update was pushed out to Logitech Revue units bringing it up to android version 3.2. Unfortunately this update broke the operating system’s live streaming capability which is used for the application. I have also seen this and had reports from users on tablets running v3.2 as well. As a result this is causing the video to freeze every 10 minutes or so. It does not effect streaming the recorded shows because those are using a different technology.

I am looking at the issue trying to find a way to resolve it. In the interim the only workaround I can offer is that you use the restart stream menu option when this occurs.

While streaming, you can click the menu button on your Logitech keyboard or in the software remote to bring up the options menu. The options menu provides the option to restart the stream or exit the video stream.

Logitech Keyboard

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UPDATE:  From my testing it seems that the UStream feed doesn’t experience the freezing that the BitGravity feeds do so please use this as the feed source.

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