What’s next for Twit.tv

Since publishing the application I’ve received a lot of positive feedback and a couple items for the wish list of features. A few people have also asked why the application is limited to the tablet.

To the question of why it is not available on the phone — the application uses the http live streaming functionality that really only works on honeycomb (android v3) and above. The application started out as a Google Tv project so that was my focus and I forked it to the tablet as I was using the tablet as a quick way to test functionality. It seemed only natural to release it for the tablet as well but that required changing the navigation to match the tablet navigation and user interface.

Having released it, a number of people have said that they would be satisfied to have the video podcasts only if they could have the application on their phones so I set out to tweak the application for phones.

Today the update has been released into the market with support for phones back to version 2.3 of Android. As part of that release iv’e added the audio podcasts and the live audio stream as well since that seemed a good fit for the phone. I have also submitted the application to the Amazon app store as well. I have tested on and added some small tweaks for the kindle fire so i’m happy to say that it runs well on that device as well. The application is in the amazon review process and I hope that it will be available within the week on the app store.

One point of note is that I do have a limited number of devices to test the application on so there may have been issues that I did account for. If you do experience any issues please use the contact form to shoot me an email with your issues and/or feedback on how to make the application better.

Thanks and I look forward to your feedback.

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